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Reliable delivery and quality of the food.

Patricia, 22 Jan 2021

Great food but high delivery cost for a slower service

Ben, 16 Jan 2021

The only point to make is that the tracking of our order did not work at all. It just kept saying 'the order had been sent to the store and will be confirmed by them as soon as possible'. So me thinks that needs to be sorted out asap. We were a wee bit worried that if it would come or not. However, it actually was delivered two minutes before our allotted time. So WELL DONE!!! Will definitely order again.

Andy, 16 Jan 2021

The only negative point to make, is the tracking did not seem to work at all. It just kept saying the order had been received and the Team will respond. So we were a wee bit worried if it would come or not. However, it came exactly two minutes before our scheduled time. WELL DONE!!! Will order again.

Andy, 16 Jan 2021

You get what you pay for excellence Pay cheaper =Get poor food

Darren, 16 Jan 2021

Stunning food consistently. THE best curry bar none!!

Victoria, 03 Jan 2021

The best as ever Thanks

Dean, 02 Jan 2021

Always very good

Adrian, 28 Dec 2020

Still the best. Hopefully we'll be able to visit the restaurant again soon.

Mickey, 24 Dec 2020

Love the food so pleased they deliver to us!

Jo, 23 Dec 2020

Would appreciate my NHS discount on takeaway or a loyalty discount.

Josie, 19 Dec 2020

Top quality food

Duncan, 12 Dec 2020

This was not good the payment system left us saying we hadn’t paid when we had

Steve, 12 Dec 2020

A good meak

Ralph, 12 Dec 2020

usual excellent Aagrah food and service

Rob Janaway, 09 Dec 2020

When ordering for a group of friends its very annoying when the food is not labeled. How hard would it be to do so. Otherwise everything is perfect.. Keep up the good work.

Patricia, 19 Nov 2020

Great food and good quality

Fernando, 09 Nov 2020

Haven't had an Aagrah for a while due to the last Lock Down, but my mouth i watering at the thought!

David, 06 Nov 2020

always been to the restaurant for years

Lisa, 16 Oct 2020

My order was missing the drink - number 341352482.

Molly Brown, 07 Oct 2020

Why have you removed Shami Kebabs from the menu?

Michael, 25 Sep 2020

Always spot on

John, 24 Sep 2020

Very late in arriving, had to call and chase it up. Thought it was quite expensive but very tasty when it finally arrived.

Chris, 19 Sep 2020

On this occasion the delivery time was very poor. Thought we ordered in good time but it took nearly two hours for delivery.☹️

Terry, 19 Sep 2020

Good sized portions

Marilyn, 12 Sep 2020

Always consistent and good.

Terry, 21 Aug 2020